Bumper Scuff Repair

bumper-scuff-repairRepair your car’s paintwork with our bumper scuff repair.

Weather returning from your weekly shop or mis judging your drive way wall, almost everyone at some point will incure a scuffed bumper.

We understand how fustrating it is returning to your vehicle to find your bumpers scuffed, this is why we dedicate ourselves to making your life eassier and try our best to remove any added stress.

Our on site techniques will have your car repaired and looking new again within a matter of hours not days, with the added convenience of repairing your car at your home or work.

Colours are matched and mixed on site to your specific colour giving a great match, the repair to your bumper scuff will be carried out to the highest professional standards.

Typically our repair jobs are significantly lower cost than compared to a bodyshop as we don't have the same overheads.

Why is it not cost effective to use a body shop for minor car bumper repairs?
A body shop will in most cases when repairing a small bumper scuff, or scratch, paint a large area of the bumper as the materials and techniques used are very different, the technicians are trained to use much larger spray guns and paint much larger areas.
A car bodyshop repair is usually far more time consuming, incurs higher material costs, so inevitably your car will be off the road longer and your bill will also be considerably higher than one of our SMART repairs.

Why using us for Bumper Repairs will save you time and money.
We use a process called SMART Repair (Small To Medium Area Repair Techniques).
SMART Repair uses specialist materials designed to use the minimum amount of materials. We only mix small quantities of paint, specifically to the exact colour of your car, enabling us to complete the repair with minimal material cost and ensuring excellent colour match. We also use much smaller spray guns than a traditional body shop allowing us to paint smaller areas.As our tools and materials are designed to keep the repair down to a minimal size, this means we only have to paint the damage not the complete bumper.
We come to you, so don’t worry about being without your car, as our repair will be completed at your location in a matter of hours, not days!


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